Windows Phone 7 Shaders Cheat Sheet

While Windows phones 7 hardware includes a graphics chip that allows truely programable shaders (one of Adreno 205, 220, 225),  XNA 4.0 for WP7 accomodates for only five canned shaders:

WP7 DataContractSerializer Private Members

Recently I found an issue using the DataContractSerializer on Windows Phone 7.  This isn't well documented and took some time to solve. Windows Phone 7 behaves differently to the desktop runtime when running the same code - hopefully for others googling this issue I am hitting the right keywords.


Under C#.NET you can define a class for serialization using something like the following:

Debugging WP7 Isolated Storage Files

Like the XBox the Windows Phone has 'isolated storage'. Isolated storage is basically an area on disk (probably a folder internally) that is associated with an application. As a developer you can't step outside this sandbox and any data written to this location will be deleted when the associated application is uninstalled. How to write to isolated storage is described on msdn. Writing to isolated storage is all well and good - but how do you see/debug what was written?

Windows Phone 7 Certification Requirements

The MicrosoftTM Windows Phone Market place has a few technical certification requirements that those not previously versed in phone development may not be aware of. A full list of current certification requirements can be found here. The list of certification requirements is (understandably) quite wordy. The requirements that are 'big ticket' items to me are listed below with possible solutions / workarounds.

Responsiveness requirements:

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