Matt3r is a basic procedural texture generation tool. It differs from other procedural tools by offering 3D hardware accelerated noise shaders so updates happen in real time. All generated textures (should) also tile correctly.

Matt3r works on a series of layers similar to GIMP (or PhotoShop).  Each layer defines a shader type (perlin, voronoi, marble et al.)  and a set of parameters associated with the shader. This means that you cannot paint on layers per see. Layers can then be blended together using various modes at a set opacity. At the moment only a foreground and background color can be defined for each shader.  I was not able to generate the results desired for effects using this, so I am experimenting with 'post processors' (under the 'Post' tab). 'Post processors' let you either clamp the color range output, or specify a gradient to use when rendering. Results still look very procedural and very plastic.


This is a very early release.  Bugs are present and features will change. Changing any of the underlying algorithms will 'break' any existing saves. Of course any images saved out can be used. At the moment only 2D textures can be generated, as perlin functions are all 3D it is trivial to extend the functionality to use cube maps. One of the core algorithms is a way to reliably wrap perlin noise as described here

I am releasing the work done to date under the MIT license "AS IS".  Unfortunately the program incorporates elements licensed under MS-PL and MS-Samples - details are in the readme.txt included in the zip.

Techologies: VS2010, WinForms, XNA4.0


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