Some of the projects I have worked on include:


  Phases (2015) A racer currently in development using UE4.

  [Redacted] FPS Game Title (2012) A networked multiplayer third person shooter that I can't talk too much about due non disclosure agreements (2012).

  Critters (2012) A game of breeding and battling creatures (2012).

  Super Pizza Bro (2011) A 3D side scrolling pizza delivery game (2011).

  Matt3r (2010) 3D hardware accelerated procedural texture generation (2010).

  Ogre Planet (2008) Procedural planetoid generation with adaptive level of detail based on distance of elements from the camera (2008).

  Upstage (2006) A web based performance venue (2006).

  Hardware accelerated 2D on 3d (2003)